Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello All! Welcome to The Slum Circus!!

Thank you for visiting a new Project Found by Alex Chiu and myself D Castr Titled "Slum Circus". The Original Purpose of this project is for an Exhibit scheduled to take place in Late to mid February of 2010. The Venue will be located in what some might consider to be slum itself...A public outdoor swap meet in southern California! The idea for this setting is to unwittingly expose casual passersby to a display of colorful insanity (as opposed to the usual insanity). This exhibit will include live art, giveaways, art from various local artist (to be announced), exclusive prints and crafts. Best of all it's FREE to check it!
The reason for the blog is to keep our friends and interestors (that's right, I created a word!) updated on the progress. All are welcome to visit, comment, and make suggestions, Even submit your own Art! We hope to keep you all entertained!

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