Monday, December 27, 2010

"Taffy Colored Clouds" Alex Chiu's Art Show and Group Show

"Taffy Colored Clouds"
Art by Alex Chiu (

Group Show artists include:
170 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA
Reception January 8th, 7-11PM

Live music by Honest Iago and Mr. Technicality

Music Mix by Pablo Aguilar

Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm Very Happy to announce Donna Letterese's Contribution to Samurai: The Graphic Novel. I have personally read and enjoyed she saga of love and loss. Here is the link to the interview posted on Samurai: The Graphic Novel created by my friend Karl Altstaetter. The progress of this book looks amazing! Can't wait to read the whereabouts of the Samurai.

Congratulations to Slum Circus pioneer Josh Waldrop for his publicized editorial debut! Josh is currently the "Right Hand Writer for FIND Magazine. Southern Califorina's new Community art magazine. You can find these mags all over California at Galleries, Clothing, Comic and music shops. All for the low price of free. That's right folks Free if you can find them. If you can't, Contact FIND (click link) and ask them where the hook up is. Tell them your friends of the Circus (or not it's free anyways :). We wish you luck Josh!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Long Beach Comic Con

I know, I know, I'm a little slow on the posts. Internet in this crazy studio is soo damn patchy lately. Anyways...
I (Dcastr) was fortunate enough to attend the Long Beach Comic Con this year. I heard a bit of crap through the vine on how slow it was, but I had a great time! I was actually hanging out at the Heroine Addict booth most of the time doing random live art stuff. Amer was splitting a table with Willy Tarkington, Nathanial, Donna, Dan Smith, Karl Alstaetter, Bee, Dale and James were all there setting up shop. It felt like home. I really didn't care about the money.
Like all shows I go to, I learned a lot. I know for the sellers it wasn't pay dirt, but for the attendees it was fantastic! I got to talk to many artists I follow. In a more personal setting.
As per the business many things things did not go according to plan. I was late, had trouble getting in the last day, and the budget didn't allow me to smooze after the show, but I'll take what I can get. Scott Aicher came by to talk of future shows and artist stuff. It was really cool of him to come check out the show.
Slum Circus was in the Program this year to talk of things in the Independent world. On the stage was Amer, Josh Waldrop and myself.
I'm gonna be honest there was more people than I expected (cause I expected 0). I believed it was a good panel. Influenza Magazine covered the panel. It was really nice of them to do so. Met a few other people I feel would be cool people to work with in future Slum Circus activities. There's been talk of making a short film of some kind, but the ideas and production are in the infant stage right now. The Long Beach comic Con made me feel like I need to get things moving for the Slum Circus "Land of Misfit Toys" show. I'm still on the hunt for a suitable venue. Sorry to keep it short, but there's work to be done people!
Thanks for reading!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Theo Ellsworth in Los Angeles, GR2 Nov. 6

Theo Ellsworth, one of my personal favorite artists is coming to LA.  Please check out his opening reception at GR2 on Nov. 6th.  It will be AMAZING!

See more artwork at 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Of Horribles

This past weekend Amer and I (DCastr) were Exhibiting at Creations Weekend Of Horrors. Over all we had an AMAZING time meeting new people. Unfortunately Amer was treated a bit poorly by one of his horror idols. He wishes to share his experience. I thought it to be here's his piece.

This last weekend, I shared a booth with my buddy DCastr from Taco Comics at the Weekend Of Horrors, which I didn't earn, I paid for it. In fact, I paid $250 for the table. I eagerly awaited the event, looking forward to meeting many of my idols in the horror industry, In particular Ken Foree, Bill Moseley and Sid Haig. I had even printed a photo of a great friend of mine dressed up as Captain Spaulding, intending to get it signed by Sig Haig, as a gift for my mate.

I had previously met Sid Haig at Comic Con, he had walked past and my buddy Josh called to him, as I was way too starstruck. Sid was very cold to the both of us, Josh explained how I am a fan of his, and that he has inspired us in many ways. Sid stared at us and pretty much brushed us off with saying very little, if anything. I convinced myself that I may have caught him at a bad time, and I will try to meet him when it suits him more.

Also at Comic Con, I met Bill Moseley, I went to his table, and gave him an original piece of my artwork and was also charged $20 for a signed poster, and a photo with him. I paid $30 with pleasure, but before I could even get the cash out of my pocket, his lady friend was telling me to 'show her the money' and was being very rude. 'Who the FUCK are you?' I was thinking. This was a business transaction between me and Mr Moseley, nothing to do with this woman. I am trying to pay my respects to Bill and she is brushing me off as if there was a fat cue behind me, and there wasn't. No one at all, so I don't understand what business she had talking to me. On Bill's behalf, he was very nice to me and appreciated the artwork.

Now onto the weekend of horrors. I built up the courage to finally go and see Ken Foree at his signing booth, which was in the main lobby where all the B Movie stars are - And I stress B MOVIE. I went to his table and he was in conversation with someone, a fan I presume. I waited about 10 minutes for my chance to speak to him. I shook his hand and told him that it really is an honour to meet him. I would purchase and watch movies just to see Ken Foree in action, this guy is certainly an entertainer in my eyes. Anyway, He was okay with me, It really was small talk, and then the awkward part came where I felt it was necessary to spend $20 for a signed photo to show my respect. Also, I wanted a photo with him just to make myself look cool and to show home to my friends and family. He was not interested in me in the slightest, I don't blame him, but the least you can do is show some interest in your fans if you are at a convention wanting their money and trying to boost your popularity. Whatever, I got the signed photo and had a picture taken with him and I walked past Sid's booth, I was too intimidated by the last experience and I was running out of money so I avoided him.

I finally found Frank Henenlotter, another huge inspiration of mine who I did fan art for, he was walking around the convention, he didn't have a booth. I gave him my fan art and he showed so much appreciation for the work and offered to have a photo with me, no mention of money, in fact, I am very certain he did not charge anyone. A genuine guy there to meet fans. This is someone I want to be.

Our booth was in the shittiest section of the convention, where the cast of Maniac Cop were pushed aside. The reunion of the cast was supposed to be one of the big highlights of the of the convention. This was the first time the cast were together in around 15 years. One by one, they came and set up, DCastr and I were so ecstatic that we were sitting among these legends. There was WIlliam Smith, this guy fought alongside Clint Eastwood and was in one of my favourite movies, 'Conan the Barbarian', as Conan's dad, that was enough for me to doff my cap to this man, I felt stupid not being familiar with his work, but I am still learning. Also, there was Laurene Landon, who was Bruce Campbell's Girlfriend in the Maniac Cop series and also seems to have been in a lot of cult movies, with an extensive portfolio of work, still looking fantastic and taking care of herself after all this time, it was very inspiring. I was so fortunate to have been able to sit next to the Maniac cop himself, Robert Z'Dar.

Robert Z'Dar had recently survived a heart attack and had come out of a 6 week coma. 2 weeks later he has flew in from Mississippi to be at this convention to reunite with the cast and meet with old friends. I saw this man who is disabled and I had to help out, he is sat next to me and it's the least any human being can do, especially if it's fucking Maniac Cop! So, he started speaking to me, he was interested in me and who I was. This was a very comforting feeling, and eventually the whole cast were introducing themselves and throughout the weekend even gave freebies and made us feel so welcome. They even frequently came to our table, looked at our work and gave us nice feedback. I only paid for William Smith's Invasion of the Bee Girls which he happily signed, this was before we had introduced ourselves. I can not stress how descent these people were. Completely took me off guard.

Robert Z'Dar would share lots of amazing stories with me as I would take him around the convention and to his hotel room. He would tell me how much he respects DCastr and I for chasing our dreams and working as hard as we apparently do (DCastr certainly works his butt off!). I explained to him that we are part of a collective and we frequently work together and with others to promote our work.

William Smith was certainly a character, and he would call over to us and ask how we are and smile at us, and his wife Joanne was simply awesome. She would tell us stories about William, and compliment us and just generally have nice conversations with us.

It was really sad that these icons were pushed aside, without any posters or information about their whereabouts or any indication the Maniac cop reunion. It seems that the convention pushed these people aside like they were in some kind of bargain bin. I can't explain how upsetting it was to see these people shown very little respect. But they always stayed positive and always made us feel welcome.

Saturday was the day of Bruce Campbell's arrival, which meant that the spotlight quickly shun on him, casting a shadow on everyone else. This was there time, it seemed, to go to the booths and grab as many freebies from suckers trying to promote their shit (I previously did the same thing). While I was exploring the convention with Robert Z'Dar, we had come across Ken Foree talking to some vendors. This turned into a conversation between Ken and Z'Dar, and never once did Ken even look at me, or thank me for paying him 20 bucks. I payed this dude 20 bucks to ignore me the whole weekend and forget my face. I am not going to suck up to this dude to get attention. I was quickly realising how much these dudes really care about the fans. It's funny, because I caught Ken's panel, and he seemed so awesome and was very funny, but then I remind myself, he is an actor. He might be a nice guy in real life, but really does not give a fuck about me, you or any of the fans.

On the last day, Many people came over to our side to pay respect to William Smith, I am guessing that business was slow for them, but at least they came over and did the right thing. This man has been in triple as many movies as most of the 'big shots' of the convention. That's one of my main points I am trying to make here, they are not big shots, they are not hollywood A list stars. We made them famous, we 'the fans' are fucking feeding them, for them to brush us off as fucking dirt. Ken Foree paid William and Joanne a visit, and then spoke to Z'Dar next to me, without even looking at me.

I had previously explained to Robert Z'Dar how the UK horror scene is so dry and organizing a convention would be amazing. Robert explained his ideas to Ken only to be ridiculed. Ken Foree laughed at him, and said 'Don't listen to THOSE guys!' chuckling right in front of us, without even looking at us. Ken basically went on to imply that the UK is a goldmine for conventions, and began listing UK cities from the top of his head. I could smell bullshit. Jim, the tattooist next to us knows how it is, he was also from the UK, sure there might be conventions in all those cities, but I can bet you all that they are not annual events, or maybe happen only once a decade OR they are EXTREMELY badly promoted. Ken carried on chuckling and said 'who do these guys think they are?' - I'M THE FUCKING GUY THAT GAVE YOU 20 BUCKS FOR YOUR FOOD ASS HOLE.

Ken, You have NO IDEA who we are, how dare you belittle us like that. You will soon find out who we are, You act like some big shot - You are simply a big fish in a small pond and your time will come when you will be sat next to us, in the fucking bargain bin where you actually belong. Respect goes a long way Ken and you have lost all of my respect, and I am speaking out against you.

What you do not realise is that us artists are working our fucking butts off just to be appreciated let alone make money to survive, and people like you only inspire us to be better than you.

I have realised how nasty people in the industry can be, and I have so many more stories, it's just I had to let some shit off my plate and tell you all what to expect. You might have some positive feedback about these guys or might have negative feedback on the guys that were good to me - But all in all - You treat one person like dirt, you lose. You can't afford to treat people how you please if you are the ones begging them to buy your photos. You may dress up in a suit and have some kind of fancy ear plug speaking to your managers, but you are there for the same reasons as the rest of the vendors, to make some dosh. You really need to realise how much you can hurt people by being so oblivious to them as they think the world of you.

The whole idea of these people presenting themselves as big shots and thinking they are better than all of you defeats the purpose of having to pay them $20 - I wanted to pay you because I respect you and I want to see you succeed, I don't to pay you so you can use it to wipe your arse and never even acknowledge our existence. I came to L.A to meet these kinds of people and I really did not want to report the truth on my behalf because I did not want other people's representations of them to be ruined. I payed to see your movie in the cinema, I payed to own your movie on DVD, I payed to be at the convention, then I have to pay to get no appreciation?
Share your opinions, whatever, rant over, I am happy I made new friends.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nate's Got A New Comic!!

For those who have tried (failed or succeeded) to create a comic, we all know this is no easy task. So when one of our friends here at the Slum Circus complete one it is a Major Victory. Nathaniel Osello has put together and sent to print a new comic. It's called 140. I asked him to tell the Circus what it was all about...
This is the response.
Hello, Circus de Slum,

Just dropping some news that I've got my first standard-sized, non-self-manufactured comic printing somewhere in the US as we speak and it will be shipped to me shortly thereafter. If everything goes according to plan, she'll be up for sale at her debut at Long Beach Comic Con 2010.

She is called 140. She's a sexy little number but I think the real kicker here is how she was made. I did none of the writing for the book myself. Any dialogue you read/see in the book was contributed by people on the web. It was all taken from online chats I've had or tweeted directly to me. The title is reminiscent of the submissions: I would not accept any contributions over 140 characters long.

I took all these shouts in the dark and composed them into a story that is hopefully halfway decent to look at and (again, hopefully) entertaining enough to read. So, that's all for now...

Oh! I should mention that I'll be accepting tweets @eyedraugh for the next issue of 140 soon. Follow me on twitter and hit up my blog. Stay up.

-Nathaniel Osollo

Good Luck Nathan! If it's anything like your other projects. it's gonna be cool as the 7th ring of hell!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Saturday Night

The usual Saturday night. Broke, beerless and strapped to the drawing board. Willie Tarkington dropped by with his drawing table, so we all sat down and got to work. It was really cool to work kinda like a team only not on the same project. I (DCastr) was working on a pin up for my friend Holly at Heroine Addict. Amer Shihab was working on his new comics Zombie Gangsters (Title is subject to change). Willie was working on his 5 page mini comic about Satanic Nuns (he never mentioned a title). Willie hopes to have his book done by Long Beach Comic Con in a couple of weeks. He'll be splitting a table with Amer. I might have some non-sense sprinkled on the table too.
I even put the initiative last night to record a podcast I plan to upload here as soon as I shave off the quiet parts. I think it came out alright. I other people think so, it might be a regular thing. Here's some pics of the night.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello all who care to read this, We are having a Drink and Draw\ Art Contest! Here at the Slum Circus Studio in Beautiful Hawaiian Gardens! Thursday October 21st! All peoples interested in the arts are welcome! There will be Drinks and munchies provided. just bring your warm corpse and something to sketch with. The community voted drawing of the night will get his\her work printed on a shirt and posted on our soon to wall of fame! Come Join the Drink and Draw Massacre!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Photos taken by Joseph Sanchez

Also really want to thank Edukation Athletics, Breakstarz, Muz Wear, and Joseph Sanchez for all you continued support. You guys fuckin rock!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Be lated Slum Circus Indy Comic And Art Expo Re cap

For those of you wondering why I didn't post this sooner. I don't know. I was caught up in my own selfish nonsense. I apologize. That being said on with the recap!
I was very happy to see these very talented artists and creators. If I wasn't a fan of the these people before I am now! I feel the need to to share a bit of what I learned about these artists and their work.
The first I'd like to mention is Crude Dude Comix. Also a buddy of mine. I've seen this guy hustle dirty violent smut from SoCal to Seattle. His comix reflect his personality (sometimes in the most literal sense). This will definitely go down in underground comic history. I'm proud to know him.
The Next is Rueben Spatter Beast. Known for his serial Killer style work, he always upping his game in thinking outside the canvas. Now he's painting some pretty sinister looking ceramic figures. I really hope to see more of these.
I've also had the pleasure of working with Alex Chiu. Independent to the core, this guy is making head way. Organizing many of his own events and and expanding his mediums. He and his wife (in a couple of weeks) A'misa Chiu are doing great things with their underground Zine Eyeball Burp.
I've been aware of Karl Altstaetter's work for sometime, but never met him or put a face to the work. I met him for the first time at the show. Very cool guy. He was doing some live art I thought was amazing. I picked up his latest book Emerald City Blues #1 and 2. A unique take on the Wizard of Oz characters. I just recently sat down an read. I was very impressed. This is no armature comic. Very well written and great action scenes. I am very excited to see what's next.
Donna Letterese was exhibiting some of her handmade greeting cards and sculptures. I got a card earlier from her to give to my daughter for her birthday. She loves it very much. I have got to know Donna a bit since. I've had the pleasure of seeing previews of her upcoming projects. Keep tabs on her. I think you will be surprised how quickly her work draws you in to her mysterious world of misfit wonder.
I am a recent fan of Nathan Osollo's work. There was a book he was showing off at the show. It was a hand made book of scrap and trash papers he collected from the ground and began to draw on. Very unique and awesome!
My new buddy Brain "Beee" Bello came through and set up also. Beee is working on a Munny from Kid Robot for a Slum Circus toy show coming soon. He was showing it off there. It's really amazing how well he adapts to mediums.
Scott Aicher has been very busy lately with the Find Magazine show and publication and and other show in between. I'm happy he was able to make it. He has another show coming up this weekend It's San Pedro's Rock and Roll Art Show.
Then there's my Studio mate Amer Ali Shihab. Him and I are teaming up to create some other upcoming events. Mostly revolving around the world of Horror.
I picked up a copy of Whore Eyes #1 from Drippy Bones Books. Amazing. So random and entertaining. Very indy. I'm very interested in seeing there up coming projects.
Tony Acosta finally premiered his comic strip Carbuckle. I say finally cause I've been a fan of this strip for some time, I've just been waiting for him to show it to the world. He did. It's Great. I really think it's gonna catch on.
Dan "SMIF" Smith posted up doing some Bad ass sketch cards. Dan is currently doing a Samurai comic anthology with Karl and Donna. From the looks of it, it's gonna be awesome!
Dale Wilson was showing some of the the latest DWAP Productions comics and a sneak peek of a project involving skaters and the inevitable apocalypse. I seen the images...fucking Epic!
Laura Brody from Dreams By Machine was nice enough to perform a live draping, which consists of actually designing, cutting and stitching blouses and shawls. It's a very interesting and entertaining exhibit.
I finally got to the "Covers To Give You The Creeps" book I've been eyeballing at Melt Down comics for some time now from Tom Neely who was exhibiting as well.
There was also Miki Harris the artist for the Children's book Tales of The Monkey King. She had some very cool illustrations.
And last but not least John Thomason. I think if there was a best picture it would be the one of John side by side with the painting he did of himself in drag. Fucking Great!!
Thanks to all of you guys for making this an AWESOME first show!