Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alexandra Gonzalez To attend Slum Circus Comic and Art Expo

Alexandra Gonzalez: Started painting on canvas when she was 17 years old. She is inspired by electro, industrial, and rock music. She has been selling portraits of people and pets for five years. She shows at Cannibal Flower gallery every month in Los Angeles. She will be attending Art Center in September.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Karl Altstaetter To Attend Slum Circus!

Karl Altstaetter

Karl has worked in the comic industry since 1992 as an illustrator and inker for Marvel, DC, and Image Comics. He got his start as an assistant on such books as X-MEN and UNCANNY X-MEN. Later, he worked as a designer for several video games, motion pictures, and theme park productions including various projects for DISNEY IMAGINEERING. In 1997, Karl formed his own company, HYPERWERKS COMICS, and has illustrated ,co-created and co-written the company's first publication DEITY. Since its inception Hyperwerks has launched several new series including: CATSEYE, a DEITY spin-off, and SAINT ANGEL. His latest books include The Rostam series, "88" and Emerald City Blues.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Donna Letterse

Donna Letterese of "Draw D.V.L. Productions" is an L.A. based artist. Originally from New York, she earned her B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and also studied cartooning while abroad at Goldsmith's College, University of London. Her time in London was what made her fall in love with the world of underground comics and she's loved the medium ever since. Since living in L.A., she has worked with kids, as an assistant editor at a Manga Publishing Company, and now does freelance writing for such publications as In Hollywood Magazine. She has exhibited her work at various galleries/collectives, including Cannibal Flower, Daydream Republic, OCCCA, Gallery 212, 2nd City Council Art and Performance Space, and Enid and Edgar Vintage. Donna also sells her work, along with handmade greeting cards and Sculpey toys and jewelry, at art fairs and Comic Conventions. She would be lost without pens, ink, and the watercolor and Tombo pens needed to sometimes splash color into a piece. To find out more, please visit www.drawdvl.com.

Tony Acosta and Carbuckle To attend the Circus!

Tony Acosta is a cartoonist from the Bay Area California. He has been making comic strips about a hilarious sausage named Carbuckle. Slum Circus is his first premier at an art convention. He's inspired by underground & low brow comic art, cartoons & many artists he meet at comic conventions that he attended as a spectator. His life as a cartoonist started when worked in retail. He would randomly meet people that he would find funny and used their personalities as an inspiration to create characters. Tony is not just a cartoonist, but a drummer for Jokes for Feelings, a punk ska band from Oakland, California.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amer Ali Shihab to attend Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo

Amer Shihab
specializes in Horror / Macabre illustrations and creature designs. Previously worked on Artwork for several Underground Death Metal bands, and has been featured in several Paperback Magazines (Bizarre, Girls and Corpses) and on-line sources.
The gory and explicit imagery has ultimately led to a solid on-line fan base, through the use of social networking sites, such as MySpace and FaceBook.
This has helped establish Amer Shihab and 'DeadArms Productions' as a strong competitor in the Underground Art Community, with his distinctive, creative style and the shocking scenes portrayed in his work.
Amer has previously exhibited his work @ Hyaena Gallery and was invited to present his work at The World Horror Convention 2009 in Brighton, UK.
Born in New York, Raised in Dubai, U.A.E and Emerging from the depths of Bristol, United Kingdom – Amer Shihab is currently residing in L.A, California, to relentlessly promote his Artwork, and unleash his unique approach on the horror genre upon the masses.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Drippy Bones Books to attend Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo!

Drippy Bone Books is a publishing project run by artists Kristy Foom, Mario Zoots, and Keenan Marshall Keller out of Amsterdam, Denver and Los Angeles respectively. We release underground art zines and comic books, and promote the distribution of art multiples.
Focusing on limited edition releases of explosively creative underground work; the artists involved are as diverse as the mediums they use. Treading the lines between the beautiful and the ugly, the intellectual and moronic, the optimistic and apathetic, the primitive and the modern...
If you crave new weirdness and ooze for art then Drippy Bone Books is for you.
You can download Drippy Bones Catalog here

Tom Neely to attend Slum Circus Indy comic and Art Expo

Tom Neely is a painter and cartoonist living in Los Angeles with his wife and a dog. His art has been featured in galleries in San Francisco and Los Angeles, in dozens of magazines and literary journals and on album Covers. His debut graphic novel, The Blot, earned him an Ignatz Award for “Promising New Talent,” and made it onto several of the industry’s “Best of 2007” lists. He authored the Melvins comic book, Your Disease Spread Quick, and a collection of comic strip poems called Brilliantly Ham-fisted. He is currently working on his next graphic novel The Wolf.

Tom Neely born 1975 in Paris Texas.
Graduated BFA in Painting, 1997 University of Tulsa.

Graduated MFA Painting, 2000, San Francisco Art Institute.

A founding member of the Art Fraternity - The Igloo Tornado

Brandon Bracamonte to attend Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo.

Brandon Bracamonte: A Sacramento resident and Comic inspired Tattoo artist for Fallen Angel Tattoo. Brandon has self published his Indy comic titled Hey! Rube! written by Melrose with art by Brandon.

Dreams By Machine to Attend Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo

Dreams by Machine designs are created by A. Laura Brody, costume designer and creator of the unusual and vibrant.

Recent projects include construction of a crystal mesh and leather jacket for Will. I. Am of the Black Eyed Peas, designs for Diavolo Dance Theater's Fearful Symmetries (in collaboration with the LA Philharmonic), inflatable outfits for prop comedian Marty Putz, costume design for the upcoming film Nude Nuns with Big Guns and wardrobe supervising for the upcoming black and white film noir The Whisperer in Darkness. And the list keeps on growing...

Dreams by Machine masks, accessories and jewelry are made of re-purposed, re-used and recycled leather, hardware and notions.

Old leather jackets and pants, purses and scrap from the entertainment world and salvaged hardware (carefully cleaned) find new and enduring lives as wearable art.

Only the bold deserve the fair. Approach with caution and wear with abandon!

Friday, June 18, 2010

John Thomason to attend Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo!

John Thomason is a small-towner, self-publishing comic-artist from Stockton, Ca. who enjoys spending time in the big city whenever he can. He's worked on his own projects such as the slice-of-work-life online comic strip "Cartworks" as well as his own art and sketchbooks such as "Horror Anomalies vol. 1". He is currently working on the super-hero themed book "Sunflower Skribbles" with writer Derrick Canton.
John draws and paints different subject matter ranging from super-heroes to portraits of men with beards. The mediums he usually work with are pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor while he practices with acrylic painting.
John will be available for commissions and quick sketches of men with beards or different requests.

Slum Circus Presents Live Art By Ezra One

Ezra was born in South Central Los Angeles in 1981 and was heavily influenced by Graffiti as a child growing up in a neighborhood that considered not the safest area to raise kids. Gang graffiti and graffiti bombing were highly concentrated in his and surrounding neighborhoods and had a considerable effect on him growing up. His creative instincts were spawned and later cultivated through the influence of his cousins SOFA and WENT who are are recognized in both Los Angeles and New Mexico as some of the most influential artists in Graffiti.
As EZRA has continued to hone his Aersol Art skills, he has produced a large amount of work that has been recognized and respected by some of the most well known Graffiti Artists from Los Angeles to New York and all around the U.S. Beyond having the respect of his peers, EZRA's work has been sought after, and has been commissioned by many Commercial and Corporate companies from Movies , Clothing, Beverages and Sports companies

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slum Circus Presents Live Art By Yuki Miyazaki

Yuki Miyazaki’s work elicits a marriage of her Japanese heritage and her strong identification with Los Angeles. Born in Kumamoto, Japan, Yuki came to Los Angeles as a girl deeply interested in continuing her families tradition of creating art. Yuki’s paintings have been described as “Eastern pop culture meets classic Western children’s book illustrations.”

Painted to appeal to all ages of viewers Yuki’s work at turns seems directed as children’s illustrations while at other times reflecting the harder edge of Los Angeles’ low brow art scene. With a professional background as an animator, Yuki’s strong sense of edgy counter culture jumps off the image as if talking to the viewer. It’s Yuki’s intent to take the stories of her imagination and convey them through her art.

For the second consecutive year Yuki’s works have been selected to appear in the Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Calendar and Cultural guide for 3 consecutive years (2008, 2009, 2010), presented by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. Yuki was also recently honored and selected by Netdivers juried international ten year anniversary competition of emerging artists. Yuki continues her dedication to merging Japanese imagery with her urban LA lifestyle. Yuki is quintessentially a Japanese Angelino artist. She is currently a resident artist at The Hive Gallery & Studios, in the heart of downtown LA’s bustling arts district and can often be found working in her studio inside the gallery.

Nathaniel Osollo to attend Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo

Nathaniel Osollo lives in mansions and benz's; gives ends to his friends and it feels stupendous.

He bends corners like he was a curve and struck a nerve.
And now prepare to see the Southern Cali player serve.
He heard it's not where you're from but where you pay rent.
Then he heard it's not what you make but how much you spent.
That's got him bent like elbows, amongst other things, but he isn't worried
Cause when he steps into the party, like he out-you-scurry
So go get your fuckin' shine box, and your sack of nickles
It tickles him to see you try to be like Mr. Pickles.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scott Aicher To attend Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo!

Scott Aicher:
I have been drawing and painting my whole life. Mostly I learned from my mother, Pat Zaleski and grandmother Ardis Underwood. They showed me the techniques to get started, my uncle Don Underwood stimulated my creativity by turning me on to underground artists like Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Rick Griffin, Zap Magazine, Weirdo Magazine (I got these taken away at school a few times, I always had a copy in my backpack.) I grew up in Redondo Beach, CA. when skateboarding was getting it second wind of popuality. On the playground, we traded "Odd Rod" and Super Baseball/Football Freak cards, Mad Magazines, Redline Hot Wheels, Zowies, Wacky Packages Gum Cards, Kiss Cards, and today I collect all these things, and they are they catalyst for my creative ideas.

Thanks to out Sponsors!

Slum Circus is proud to announce a couple of our sponsors:
The Comic Bug. Located in Manhattan Beach Ca.

Also Pulp Fiction Comics Located in Long Beach Ca.

Offering goodies to the soon to be announced "Slum bags". Pre sale Tickets will also be available soon at these and soon to be announced locations.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jimmy Bell Attending Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo!

Jimmy Bell: A well traveled artist with works shown at The Hive, Coachella, Muddy Waters just to name a few. His highly imaginative and inspirational work will be on display for purchase. There was loose talks of some live art also. Hopefully. Here is a brief description of his process in his own words:

I always found that when I had a set idea as to what I wanted to create, the fun of creating went away and was replaced by frustration. Often, it would end in an unfinished piece and me wondering what went wrong. My direction of a piece would change as I worked on it and it would throw everything off.

Sometimes out of my frustration, I would smear the piece with colors, then as it lay off to the side, something would catch my eye. An image began to pop out at me. A few strokes later, what was to be another doomed piece became an amazing piece. If I hadn’t done what I did to get to that point, those pieces wouldn’t have came to life.

I realized that this is how I need to work. The spontaneity made work interesting again. I didn’t have to worry about straying from the path I laid down for the piece because there was no path to begin with. Just let my mind take over and begin to let things take shape. This keeps every piece I do interesting and different from the next.

I am able to put any medium through that “funnel” and come up with something different every time. I mainly work with scribble, splattered color, or wood grain to begin my pieces. I will use pen, ink, acrylic, or marker for a piece, deciding after the image is found how best to bring it out. This could range from minimal work, leaving most of the original colors, to completely covering the original strokes with a fully painted image.

My work is unique in that each is one of a kind. I wouldn’t be able to reproduce what I do even if I tried. It’s the combination of improvisation and skill that result in each piece. The images are made from my subconscious and whatever medium I’m using.

DWAP productions to attend Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo

DWAP co-creator Dale Wilson will be attending Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo!

DWAP Productions is a Los Angeles based media art production partnership combining the talents of Dale Wilson and Astra Price. Recently having self-published another collection of Caffeine Dreams, DWAP Productions has been producing video, installation, print, and other multi-media works professionally for over 10 years now.
Dale has worked at dot coms for many years, Astra’s video productions have shown around the world including Europe and Asia and she currently works as a video engineer/teacher at a private secondary education institute. DWAP Productions’ goal is to provide creative works that push the bounds of multiple mediums while entertaining, educating and inspiring.

Caffeine Dreams is owned and operated by DWAP Productions but the individual works are owned and operated by the creators.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Crude Dude Comix Attending Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo!

Crude Dude Comix. Jose Gabriel Angeles pretty much does most of the works for the company.
These comix are a very strict Mature Audience only. Once you get though the ultra violent and sexual themes his rants are very well articulated and interesting. I've had the luck of personally meeting Jose at several conventions. The majority of colored work you will see from him is done entirely with crayons (which I think is amazing.)
you might not want top ask for commission sketches (especially of super-heroes) cause he will most likely turn you down. He's been mostly compared to cartoon networks super jail (which he has no part of).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dan Smith attending the Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo

Dan "SMIF" Smith is an award winning rpg artist and card game designer (Battle of the Bands and the Portable Adventures series.).
His work has been featured in Vampire the Masquerade, Jyhad, Mage, Werewolf, GURPS, Shadowrun, Battletech, INWO, Dino Hunt and about a thousand other game titles! His most recent work has been working on some creator owned game and comic book projects.
See more the his website http://www.smifink.com

Rebornz will be posted at the Slum Circus Independent Comic and Art Expo.
Rebornz: A South Central L.A. resident Rebornz brings vivid character to the South California Art scene.
Here is a brief description of Rebornz taken from his website:

Randy “Rebornz” De Leon used to be known by another name. His former street name is unimportant as it represents the life he used to lead, hanging around with a Los Angeles tagging crew, slipping out at night to cover the streets with his art, getting guns pulled on him by gang members or shop owners, searched by police, falling off roofs, all in pursuit of the only way he knew to develop his signature street art. As his path got darker and darker he found his wake up call when he was hauled off to jail. It created his artist epiphany, a new identity as he realized there needed to be more to life, another way to survive and create.
Rebornz art was created in 2004 after the artist himself was reborn. He found other means of developing his art and graduated with a degree in communication arts. Randy De Leon’s illustrations are centered on his believes and everyday life.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guest James Riot will be attending The Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo!
James Riot:
Known for his Independent Comic The Path.
Here is the Path Low Down:
A story of Chance McGavin, who may or may not be the reincarnation of a certain "Once and Future King" Chosen by Mankind's Gods to battle the encroaching horrors of of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. With a rusty old sword and questionable allies at his side, can Chance turn the tide of darkness...or are we all doomed?
The Path link will give you a FREE download of the Action Packed comic!!

Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo 2010!

You may Have found the Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo Splash page, and it
re-directed you here.
The Official Expo site launch is scheduled to be June 16 2010.
This blog should keep you up to date till then. Now a little on the reason for this:
The Slum Circus was established early this year. It's initial intention was to form a collective of artist (writers included) that were oddballs in the local art scene (myself included). The members minimal, but dedicated. All of us hungry for the next exciting move.
It wasn't till I attended a couple of Independent comic shows in Northern California (APE and Indy Euphoria) did I realize most of the attendees were Southern California natives. I asked as many as I could why they traveled so far to be there. They said there was no show that supported the Indy world that was any closer...Till now.
We intend to create Slum Circus Indy comic and Art Expo to be the event we indy comic fans would like. An Intimate, affordable, and entertaining experience that will leave us with a new perspective on the Independent art world.
Thanks for readin'