Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Indy Euphoria

A lot of good times with great people! As always, Sacramento was not lacking love. It was a rough 6 hour drive but worth it. Set up next to the homies John Thomason, Jose from Crude Dude comix and Ruben The Splatter Beast. If I ever get lost or forgotten at a convention, I wish it to be with these guys.
Got to chop it up with some old con associates and met some new ones. Paul Allen and Anthony Leano from the Brains comics made sure everyone had a great time.
I was really glad I got to get tips from Stephen Buell from Lost In The Dark press. I had actually read Fragile Prophet (one of his titles) last year. I had no idea he would be there! Just read his new comic short This Is It. I gotta say, I’m a fan now.
Chopped it up with Emo from Emonic. Real humble cat. Gave me some real useful tips.
Met Jesse Baggs also. Real cool dude. His mini comic How Hipsters Are Like Super Heroes is hysterical!
Picked up the new Hey! Rube! comic from Melrose and Brandon at Tantrum. I gotta admit I prejudged them. I thought they were gonna kinda snub me, but when I talked to them they were cool as shit! I haven’t read the comic yet, but I’m very excited to considering the content. It will be done this week.
Got a chance to get Sulk by Jeffery Brown and a few comics from Nate Powell. Both of these guys came all the way from Indiana! Both are really good artists (no bullshit), Both are in a Gang called Top Shelf Productions..
But the Highlight of my trip was meeting The vinyl toy artists Jesse Hernandez and Dave Kawano from U1 Toy Arts.
Jesse was shown’ off his new dunnys and Custom figures. I’m not really into “Raza” type stuff, but his designs were undeniably cool. Dude’s even got his own Cartoon The Nutshack!, which I got a signed copy of (thanks man)!
Dave Kwano’s not only started his own Vinyl toy company, He’s got some really unique concepts. He was displaying prototypes of his new line as well as Hustling his new babies.
He’s got the sickest Vox One stand alone vinyl piece. With more graffiti artists joining in! Keep an eye on this guy, he’s got some aces.
With all this excitement I managed to still get wasted Saturday night with Jose, Reuben, John, Tony Acosta, my new buddy Eric and my buddy and new Slum Circus House DJ Mike Perez!
I didn’t walk out the show a hundredaire, but the time there was priceless.
Thanks Indy Euphoria!

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