Monday, April 19, 2010

Rebornz paints the Slum Circus.

This past Wednesday Rebornz stopped by to talk of a cover commission I was interested in. Before I met with him he asked if I had paint. I said "Yeah, but not the Montana Prime, just wal mart for fills". He said it was cool he had some. I was fuckin stoked cause that meant he was gonna paint! We go to the studio and bull shat for a bit. It was like 8:00. I asked if he could do a little character somewhere on the wall. He offered to do something a little bigger...I've learned when Rebornz offers you don't questions him..I got the ok from the slum lords and let him at it. During the process I got to pick his brain a little. I was pretty cool. He shed some light on how he got the name "Rebornz".
He's actually very religious. I know most people who are not into that type of thing might find it off putting, but It actually made a lot of sense. If not for his beliefs there would be no Rebornz. He had a rough start in life. What he discovered saved his life and allowed him to express himself creatively. I can't knock that.
Like most artists he is very passionate about his work (and it shows). This guy is one of the most humbled artist I've met so far. I got nothing to say but great things about him. If you can't tell already, I'm a bit of a fan.
Keep any eye out for his shows they're awesome!
Based out of South Central Los Angeles. Most of his art shows are in Southern California.
You can see more work on his myspace, facebook or you can drop him an email if you'd like to commission him.
You can also view more photos and the progress of his wall contribution on the Slum Circus Fan page!

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