Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Be lated Slum Circus Indy Comic And Art Expo Re cap

For those of you wondering why I didn't post this sooner. I don't know. I was caught up in my own selfish nonsense. I apologize. That being said on with the recap!
I was very happy to see these very talented artists and creators. If I wasn't a fan of the these people before I am now! I feel the need to to share a bit of what I learned about these artists and their work.
The first I'd like to mention is Crude Dude Comix. Also a buddy of mine. I've seen this guy hustle dirty violent smut from SoCal to Seattle. His comix reflect his personality (sometimes in the most literal sense). This will definitely go down in underground comic history. I'm proud to know him.
The Next is Rueben Spatter Beast. Known for his serial Killer style work, he always upping his game in thinking outside the canvas. Now he's painting some pretty sinister looking ceramic figures. I really hope to see more of these.
I've also had the pleasure of working with Alex Chiu. Independent to the core, this guy is making head way. Organizing many of his own events and and expanding his mediums. He and his wife (in a couple of weeks) A'misa Chiu are doing great things with their underground Zine Eyeball Burp.
I've been aware of Karl Altstaetter's work for sometime, but never met him or put a face to the work. I met him for the first time at the show. Very cool guy. He was doing some live art I thought was amazing. I picked up his latest book Emerald City Blues #1 and 2. A unique take on the Wizard of Oz characters. I just recently sat down an read. I was very impressed. This is no armature comic. Very well written and great action scenes. I am very excited to see what's next.
Donna Letterese was exhibiting some of her handmade greeting cards and sculptures. I got a card earlier from her to give to my daughter for her birthday. She loves it very much. I have got to know Donna a bit since. I've had the pleasure of seeing previews of her upcoming projects. Keep tabs on her. I think you will be surprised how quickly her work draws you in to her mysterious world of misfit wonder.
I am a recent fan of Nathan Osollo's work. There was a book he was showing off at the show. It was a hand made book of scrap and trash papers he collected from the ground and began to draw on. Very unique and awesome!
My new buddy Brain "Beee" Bello came through and set up also. Beee is working on a Munny from Kid Robot for a Slum Circus toy show coming soon. He was showing it off there. It's really amazing how well he adapts to mediums.
Scott Aicher has been very busy lately with the Find Magazine show and publication and and other show in between. I'm happy he was able to make it. He has another show coming up this weekend It's San Pedro's Rock and Roll Art Show.
Then there's my Studio mate Amer Ali Shihab. Him and I are teaming up to create some other upcoming events. Mostly revolving around the world of Horror.
I picked up a copy of Whore Eyes #1 from Drippy Bones Books. Amazing. So random and entertaining. Very indy. I'm very interested in seeing there up coming projects.
Tony Acosta finally premiered his comic strip Carbuckle. I say finally cause I've been a fan of this strip for some time, I've just been waiting for him to show it to the world. He did. It's Great. I really think it's gonna catch on.
Dan "SMIF" Smith posted up doing some Bad ass sketch cards. Dan is currently doing a Samurai comic anthology with Karl and Donna. From the looks of it, it's gonna be awesome!
Dale Wilson was showing some of the the latest DWAP Productions comics and a sneak peek of a project involving skaters and the inevitable apocalypse. I seen the images...fucking Epic!
Laura Brody from Dreams By Machine was nice enough to perform a live draping, which consists of actually designing, cutting and stitching blouses and shawls. It's a very interesting and entertaining exhibit.
I finally got to the "Covers To Give You The Creeps" book I've been eyeballing at Melt Down comics for some time now from Tom Neely who was exhibiting as well.
There was also Miki Harris the artist for the Children's book Tales of The Monkey King. She had some very cool illustrations.
And last but not least John Thomason. I think if there was a best picture it would be the one of John side by side with the painting he did of himself in drag. Fucking Great!!
Thanks to all of you guys for making this an AWESOME first show!

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