Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Saturday Night

The usual Saturday night. Broke, beerless and strapped to the drawing board. Willie Tarkington dropped by with his drawing table, so we all sat down and got to work. It was really cool to work kinda like a team only not on the same project. I (DCastr) was working on a pin up for my friend Holly at Heroine Addict. Amer Shihab was working on his new comics Zombie Gangsters (Title is subject to change). Willie was working on his 5 page mini comic about Satanic Nuns (he never mentioned a title). Willie hopes to have his book done by Long Beach Comic Con in a couple of weeks. He'll be splitting a table with Amer. I might have some non-sense sprinkled on the table too.
I even put the initiative last night to record a podcast I plan to upload here as soon as I shave off the quiet parts. I think it came out alright. I other people think so, it might be a regular thing. Here's some pics of the night.

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  1. Nice digs! Hope to make it to the Drink and Draw.