Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nate's Got A New Comic!!

For those who have tried (failed or succeeded) to create a comic, we all know this is no easy task. So when one of our friends here at the Slum Circus complete one it is a Major Victory. Nathaniel Osello has put together and sent to print a new comic. It's called 140. I asked him to tell the Circus what it was all about...
This is the response.
Hello, Circus de Slum,

Just dropping some news that I've got my first standard-sized, non-self-manufactured comic printing somewhere in the US as we speak and it will be shipped to me shortly thereafter. If everything goes according to plan, she'll be up for sale at her debut at Long Beach Comic Con 2010.

She is called 140. She's a sexy little number but I think the real kicker here is how she was made. I did none of the writing for the book myself. Any dialogue you read/see in the book was contributed by people on the web. It was all taken from online chats I've had or tweeted directly to me. The title is reminiscent of the submissions: I would not accept any contributions over 140 characters long.

I took all these shouts in the dark and composed them into a story that is hopefully halfway decent to look at and (again, hopefully) entertaining enough to read. So, that's all for now...

Oh! I should mention that I'll be accepting tweets @eyedraugh for the next issue of 140 soon. Follow me on twitter and hit up my blog. Stay up.

-Nathaniel Osollo

Good Luck Nathan! If it's anything like your other projects. it's gonna be cool as the 7th ring of hell!

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