Monday, June 21, 2010

Dreams By Machine to Attend Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo

Dreams by Machine designs are created by A. Laura Brody, costume designer and creator of the unusual and vibrant.

Recent projects include construction of a crystal mesh and leather jacket for Will. I. Am of the Black Eyed Peas, designs for Diavolo Dance Theater's Fearful Symmetries (in collaboration with the LA Philharmonic), inflatable outfits for prop comedian Marty Putz, costume design for the upcoming film Nude Nuns with Big Guns and wardrobe supervising for the upcoming black and white film noir The Whisperer in Darkness. And the list keeps on growing...

Dreams by Machine masks, accessories and jewelry are made of re-purposed, re-used and recycled leather, hardware and notions.

Old leather jackets and pants, purses and scrap from the entertainment world and salvaged hardware (carefully cleaned) find new and enduring lives as wearable art.

Only the bold deserve the fair. Approach with caution and wear with abandon!

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