Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo 2010!

You may Have found the Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo Splash page, and it
re-directed you here.
The Official Expo site launch is scheduled to be June 16 2010.
This blog should keep you up to date till then. Now a little on the reason for this:
The Slum Circus was established early this year. It's initial intention was to form a collective of artist (writers included) that were oddballs in the local art scene (myself included). The members minimal, but dedicated. All of us hungry for the next exciting move.
It wasn't till I attended a couple of Independent comic shows in Northern California (APE and Indy Euphoria) did I realize most of the attendees were Southern California natives. I asked as many as I could why they traveled so far to be there. They said there was no show that supported the Indy world that was any closer...Till now.
We intend to create Slum Circus Indy comic and Art Expo to be the event we indy comic fans would like. An Intimate, affordable, and entertaining experience that will leave us with a new perspective on the Independent art world.
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