Friday, June 18, 2010

John Thomason to attend Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo!

John Thomason is a small-towner, self-publishing comic-artist from Stockton, Ca. who enjoys spending time in the big city whenever he can. He's worked on his own projects such as the slice-of-work-life online comic strip "Cartworks" as well as his own art and sketchbooks such as "Horror Anomalies vol. 1". He is currently working on the super-hero themed book "Sunflower Skribbles" with writer Derrick Canton.
John draws and paints different subject matter ranging from super-heroes to portraits of men with beards. The mediums he usually work with are pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor while he practices with acrylic painting.
John will be available for commissions and quick sketches of men with beards or different requests.

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