Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scott Aicher To attend Slum Circus Indy Comic and Art Expo!

Scott Aicher:
I have been drawing and painting my whole life. Mostly I learned from my mother, Pat Zaleski and grandmother Ardis Underwood. They showed me the techniques to get started, my uncle Don Underwood stimulated my creativity by turning me on to underground artists like Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Rick Griffin, Zap Magazine, Weirdo Magazine (I got these taken away at school a few times, I always had a copy in my backpack.) I grew up in Redondo Beach, CA. when skateboarding was getting it second wind of popuality. On the playground, we traded "Odd Rod" and Super Baseball/Football Freak cards, Mad Magazines, Redline Hot Wheels, Zowies, Wacky Packages Gum Cards, Kiss Cards, and today I collect all these things, and they are they catalyst for my creative ideas.

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